We help you navigate the uncertainties of tomorrow. And those of the next decade. And beyond.
We won't think outside the box...
...but we are creative problem solvers
We won't reinvent any wheels...
...but we can help you embrace uncertainty
We won’t change the world...
...but can help you adapt to a changing one
How we work

Speak Simply

No corporate jargon. We say what we mean and we do what we say.

Advise Clearly

No technical gobbledygook. We won’t drown you in industry-speak or acronyms.

Consult Prudently

No quick fixes. No shortcuts. We listen intently and work collaboratively.

Things we don't do


We like detective shows but we aren’t very good at playing one in real life. Audits, like forensic sciences, are best left to experts.


The only time you will find us on a runway is when we are on a plane. We aren’t quants, but we understand analytical models and underlying assumptions.


We aren't licensed insurance brokers or agents, but we know our way around a manuscripted policy, the syndicates at Lloyd’s, or how captive programs complement what we do.


We understand the need for it. We aren’t the biggest fans of it (here's why). If you must benchmark, call us and we can recommend some competitors who are good at it.

our story

The Why

We exist because we are passionate about risk. Done right, risk can be a competitive advantage. With a risk-informed lens, we think everyone can make better decisions - especially high-value strategic decisions. We think high-quality enterprise risk management should be more accessible to everyone across all industries.

The Brand

After rejecting far too many branding ideas, we found ourselves at our wits’ end on a cold night. Sitting by a warm fire. Our trusty canine companion at our feet – a rhodesian ridgeback. Realizing that every attribute embodied by this regal hunting hound is what we aspire to be, we found the name to match our identity.

The Values

Independent. Trustworthy. Quietly resilient. Capable of great endurance. Agile yet gentle. Reserved and even tempered. Loyal and intelligent. Impervious to afflictions endured by better-known rivals. A keen sense of fairness and equity. A uniquely distinguishing characteristic. Evident in everything we do, these values come from a dog - Bennett, the ridgeback ↗.


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